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Social Selling

In a B2B context, social selling refers to the set of practices that consist in using professional social networks for sales development.
Today, 73% of B2B buyers are millenials and their influence on B2B purchasing decisions will only increase as they assume leadership and take on more important positions in their career path.
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Account based marketing

Account Marketing (ABM) is a B2B strategy that focuses sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts and uses custom campaigns designed to fit each account.
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Digital Marketing : Web 3.0

Do you still doubt the importance of having an optimized website and the importance of your positioning on search engines?
At PH + V Digital, we are fully in control of the online advertising ecosystem and we will be able to support you to ensure that your digital marketing is optimal.
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PH+V Academy

Your employees have a key role in your company's sales development: The best B2B marketing and sales strategy will only be effective if the sales and marketing people are well trained and if they are optimal in their sales approach .
We offer training on themes relevant to your company to support your internal teams.
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